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Birch Meadow Acres

Handmade pantry items, maple, honey and more straight from our garden to you.

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About Birch Meadow Acres

Owners Heather and Dan are always outside, cutting and stacking wood, tapping and making maple, tending to our bees, tilling and farming the land


They enjoy spending as much time as possible on Birch Meadow's 210 acres of beautiful land. During the day, they are contractors, spending every moment on the go. Birch Meadow Acres is their way to rest, relax, and enjoy the land's bounty - watching seeds grow into plants, then into delicious fruits and vegetables. 

Image by Markus Avila
Image by Nadine Primeau
Image by Art Rachen

Canned Jelly

Minimally processed

You won't find a bunch of different ingredients in our jelly—just the fruit, sugar, and pectin.

It doesn't get better than that.

Maple Products

Tapped from our trees

Our delicious maple syrup is a great way to add a dash of sweetness to anything. Add some to your coffee or to your stack of pancakes and you won't be disappointed.

Fresh Honey

From Birch Meadow hives

Birch Meadow Acres manages a dozen hives around their property. Enjoy this delicious honey on toast or in a hot cup of tea to help soothe the throat. 

Gift Baskets
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Farm Fresh Gift Baskets

Our Birch Meadows Acre's gift baskets are a great way to give the bounty of delicious food. 

We take the time to personalize the basket to meet your needs and even add personalized note.

Our baskets offer good food that you feel good giving.

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Farm Basket A

  • 2- 1/4 pint jams or jellies

  • 8oz honey

  • 2-100 ml syrup

  • Personalized card


Farm Basket B

  • 2- 1/4 pint jams or jellies

  • 8oz honey

  • 2-100 ml syrup

  • 1- pint home made salsa

  • Personalized card


Farm Basket C

  • 3- 1/4 pint jams or jellies

  • 8 oz honey

  • 1/2 pint maple syrup

  • 1- pint salsa

  • 1/4 lb honey butter.

  • Personalized card

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